Sew for Good is a Melbourne based company focusing on organic and quality sewing products.  We strive to give customers a choice to choose organic and quality while keeping it affordable as we don't mark up to traditional retail prices.
Started by Rebecca Lang in 2017, Rebecca decided to create this business as she loves to sew and when doing so wants to make the conscious choice of products that have as small an impact on the environment as possible.  And here's the problem she found - yes there are some limited choices for fabric, but not for cotton thread, and what is on the market can be so expensive or from overseas sellers it takes away many peoples choice to choose organic.  This is especially true for overlocker thread which seems to all be polyester!
So Rebecca decided to bring this choice to Australian's who want to sew with organic products just as she does.  Sew For Good stocks GOTS Certified cotton thread, fabric and quality notions.
Before choosing what we stock, we will ask three simple questions.  Who made it, how was it made and what process was used. We do this to ensure you know that you're making the right choice.
Thanks for being a part of the change.